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Wolfiek Group ONE-PIECE Scope Mounts 30mm

Wolfiek Group ONE-PIECE Scope Mounts 30mm

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At Wolfiek Group we are convinced of the importance of having a good set of scope rings - even if your optics are top tier, you won’t get the expected results unless you match them with good, quality mounts.

In order to provide mounts that live up to the expectations of the most demanding shooter, we took it upon ourselves to make them. This 30 MOA, one-piece mount is machined to extremely tight tolerances, ensuring superbly smooth surfaces that allow for precise mating between the scope tube and the ring’s base. The separate mount’s pieces are already matched for quick reference and not needing to mark them yourself. Stainless steel crossbolt, base and nut will provide the most reliable hold on your rifle’s rails.

Our Wolfiek group mounts also feature a level for proper scope mounting. 

These one-piece mounts are for 30mm scope tubes. They are also available for 30mm scope tubes. Click here to redirect to the 34mm ones.

The Wolfiek rings are ideal for Leshiy 2 shooters, especially long range shooters. The first feature that stands out as perfect for the Leshiy 2 is that it is a one piece mount, because of the Leshiy 2’s relatively short upper rail. The second one, for long range shooters, is that with these 30 MOA rings, added to the 20 MOA rail you’ve got 50 MOA for those extremely far out shots!

Wolfiek rings guarantee lifelong service even under the most demanding of environments. Ensure a reliable point of contact between your scope and rifle with them.

Model 30mm
Height 58mm / 2.28"
Width 50mm
Length 107mm / 4.21"
Weight 150g / 5.3 oz
Material 7075-T6 
Mount to Weaver - Picatinny
Tools required TORX T20
Max torque (rings) 30 IN-LBS (3.4NM)
Max torque (base) 70 IN-LBS (7.9NM)

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